Right Path Windows & Restoration can take your existing broken glass and replace it to match the way it was. Or if you wish to use our restover glass and double it to create an insulated glass unit (IGU), you gain additional thermal values to your windows and doors.   

 Restaurierung der Fassade mit TIKANA

Wavy Restoration

Also known as Restover Glass, this glass is made from the same materials and with the same process used prior to the 20th century. If you need authentic replication of 18th or 19th century glass, this is the answer! The unique character of this glass will enhance any project.

Insulted Glazing Units (IGU)

Re-glazing your drafty, energy-zapping windows helps you turn them into much better functioning and significantly more thermally efficient windows.

If your existing sash windows are single glazed, cold, and drafty, we can often fit double glazing into the existing frames to improve their energy efficiency. 

Our glazing service always includes our comprehensive draft sealing in order to prevent cold air, dust, and dirt from entering your home while allowing the heat to be retained indoors.

Our system is not confined to changing single pane windows to double glazing. It can also  be used to fit most types of glass to most windows and doors. However, the windows must first be inspected as they need to be in good condition in order to have the work carried out. If they are not in good condition, we can fabricate entirely new windows that look just like the originals.  With us, you will always get the job done right.