About Us


Right Path Windows & Restoration has the experience and resources to perform every aspect of historic restoration for windows and doors, duplicating the historical components of your property.

Our proven process for historic window and door restoration has been efficient and successful, as well as predictable. All of our craftsmen have been cross-trained in each procedure and our shop environment is constantly being refined to support and improve our work. 

We maintain the highest levels of quality control, and we are always improving our efforts so we can pass along these efficiencies to our clients in the pricing.



Right Path Windows & Restoration is active in organizations such as the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Whatever your project may entail, Right Path's unwavering commitment to quality shows in our craftsmanship.  You can be assured that the final product will be as close to the original as possible

  • Draft Proofing
  • Glazing
  • General Repairs  
  • Re-Finishing
  • Security
  • Window Restrictors
  • Mechanical Repairs  
  • Reproductions

Right Path Windows & Restoration can fabricate and replicate any style or design of doors or windows, no matter the architectural detail. Historical reproductions and odd shapes are our specialty. This includes bent glass and arch top windows. We can also create new, insulated windows with the traditional wavy glass look.





At Bryant Hill, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we chose Sydney's beautiful Vaucluse neighborhood for our location.