If you keep the paintwork on your windows in good order, your windows will stand the test of time. There are still plenty of  original Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian sash windows in good working order today.

Good painting is all about the work that is put into the preparation as you can see. 

Painting Old Windows

We spend a lot of time getting the windows up to a first class finish, rather than simply adding yet another layer of paint over top of the old one. This often means stripping the old layers of paint off before we apply that finished coat. Our painters may not appear to be the fastest, but that's because painting is a slow process.  However, if the quality of the job matters to you, you can rest assured that our team will always provide you with a first class paint job and leave you with operable windows. 

Painting  and Stains

Our painting crew can match any finish desired. Although we will use products from any of the major paint manufacturers, we strongly recommend using only the highest quality product in order to achieve the highest quality finish.  We will provide samples of the desired finish on actual wood sections for consideration before painting a mock-up of the sash for final approval. In addition, we can conduct paint color analysis to achieve color matching. We will provide samples on a representative substrate for the architect's/owner's approval, as well.