One of the most popular services we provide is the draft-proofing and renovation of original sash and casement windows in order to bring them up to modern standards of draft-proofing and insulation.


All draft-proofing is  placed discreetly  into the windows and does it not alter the appearance of the windows in any way. This service is particularly suited to clients who live in Landmarked buildings or have unusual sizes or  unusually-shaped windows. This is often a more cost-effective alternative to a full window replacement. 

Draft-Proofing Your Sash Windows

If your sash windows are in good condition, draft-proofing is a good option. It involves the installation of draft-proofing into parting beads or frames, and window rails receive new, modern weather seals. This is a more economical way of improving the thermal efficiency of your windows, however it is not nearly as comprehensive as a full refurbishment. The vast majority of sash windows in New York are repairable, but should your existing sashes be beyond repair, we can manufacture individual sashes to match the original, as well as offering a complete window replacement service.