Stabilization and Component Replacement

Our historic window services can be a more involved processes such as stabilizing lose joints or even replacement of parts. 

Sash Stabilization and Structural Repairs

Great care is taken to rebuild or reconstruct the sash joint using wood epoxy polyurethane glue and wooden dowels to re-stabilize the sash joints. The sashes are then squared, and clamped in place, where they'll stay overnight in preparation for the next day’s process.

Stain Glas repair

Deteriorated Components Replaced Our craftsmen manufacture replacement sash components matching the same profiles, sizes, and shapes as the existing parts to replace these deteriorated areas.

Wood Epoxy Repairs and Wood Fillers

Using liquid epoxy and a variety of techniques, we can repair surface cracks, gouges, missing sections, and broken profiles. Depending upon the condition of the wood, it can take several applications of the epoxy to completely permeate the damaged area, but once restored, a sash can be as durable and weather resistant as when it was originally built.

Wood Sills

When the sills are in need of repair, our crews follow strict guidelines for the sill restoration.  First, existing paint must be removed from the wood sill, taking it down to bare wood. We do this up each side of the frame jamb for at least 6". Where the jamb frame and the sill meet, we then rake out any old paint or old caulking and beneath the sill is treated with liquid wood epoxy. We'll treat the wood sill and partial frame member until the material will not absorb any more, and then we'll apply wood epoxy. All checks and gouges in the sill are filled, sanded smooth, and primed in preparation for painting.  If required, we complete the same procedures on the frames and wood trim on the exterior of the window, as well.