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Accoya wood is called "wood without compromise" for good reason. The many benefits it offers over traditional wood products make it an ideal choice for windows, doors, and shutters.

Durability: The process of acetylation alters the wood on a molecular level. This alteration renders the wood indigestible to insects and fungi and it becomes practically rot-proof. When used for above ground applications, it comes with the manufacturer's guarantee that it will last for a minimum of 50 years. Accoya wood is rated as Class 1 in durability, along with teak, ipe and greenheart. Unlike the tropical hardwoods, Accoya is a renewable resource.  Plus, every batch of Accoya wood is tested to ensure consistent performance.

Dimensional Stability: Accoya wood maintains its exceptional dimensional stability even in the harshest of conditions. Humidity and dampness will not affect the performance this material. Windows and doors will not swell and stick in the summer or shrink and become drafty in the winter. Following the acetylation process, the wood loses its ability to absorb moisture by at least 75%. Even after being submerged in water for an extended period of time, window frames made with Accoya wood operated flawlessly. This characteristic made it the material of choice for the sash window restorations in two lighthouses.

Sustainability: The timber species used to create Accoya wood, such as fast-growing Radiata pine or Alder, are abundant. They are sourced from managed plantations which are regionally certified, including from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests in North America. Plantations in Chile and New Zealand are certified by their respective forestry bodies.  

It takes 28 years from the time the sapling is planted until it is harvested and new saplings are re-planted. This ecologically responsible approach to forestry management helps to protect tropical hardwoods, which are often harvested illegally. In addition, Accoya wood can be reused and recycled. It can also be safely incinerated at the end of its life cycle for bioenergy. Accoya wood is Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified Gold overall and also received a Platinum rating for material health as well as a Gold rating for material re-utilization.

Accoya wood contributes numerous points towards LEED certification. When used for windows and doors, up to 9 points may be achieved in the four MRc categories. It offers extra points due to the fact that Accoya wood is a product that has been verified as minimizing the use and production of harmful substances.

Coatings: Because Accoya wood is more dimensionally stable than traditional wood products, coatings last longer. The cycle of stretching and swelling associated with changes in seasons and humidity causes wood to move as it absorbs and release moisture. This movement causes cracks in coatings, such as paint and stain, which allows moisture to penetrate the wood substrate. With Accoya wood's ability to absorb moisture reduced by 70-80%, the wood doesn't move so coatings aren't compromised. Time and expense for maintenance is greatly reduced. Even the very need for the production of coatings required over the service life of the wood is reduced. This is just another aspect of how ecologically sound this product is.

Quality and Ease of Use: Every piece of Accoya wood is exactly like the next. This consistency in quality virtually eliminates waste during application. Accoya wood offers superior machinability. Because the acetylation process penetrates the wood to the core, even after planing, cutting, and shaping, every surface is equally durable. Although the Radiata pine from which Accoya wood is produced is a soft wood, the acetylation process increases the wood's strength to weight ratio. This product is so strong that it has been used for road bridges.

Inspiration: Accoya wood can be used for nearly any project imaginable. From windows and doors and shutters, to bridges, canal bulkheads and siding, the applications are limitless.  Where durability and a long life matter, this is the environmentally friendly wood of choice. 

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