Project: 24 Thompson St.

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The five story townhouse located at 24 Thompson St is the tallest of its kind downtown. It also has 15' tall ceilings. Located in SoHo, this property was a vacant lot before husband and wife design team, Courtney and Bob Novogratz brought this building to life in 2001. 

These names may sound familiar to anyone involved in New York real estate, and beyond, as they are the duo behind Sixx Designs and the Bravo Reality show "9 By Design." They have renovated numerous properties in the city.

As designers, they put their own personalities into their projects, and this one is no exception. They built the townhouse for themselves and one of the elements they incorporated were a pair of rose windows salvaged from a church in France.



We were initially hired to paint the exterior of the highly ornate window, which is quite intricate in detail, on the fifth floor. As part of the project, we also restored and painted windows on the second, third, and fourth floors.

Once we started, we immediately discovered there was a tremendous amount of rot present in all of the windows. Although the house was less than twenty years old, the windows were in poor conditions due to a lack of sunlight which allowed them to stay wet. This eventually promoted rot.  


Traditional Dutch patching was used on nearly every sash, and some of the sills had to be completely replaced. Dutch patching is a method of repair that involves cutting out the rotted section of wood and replacing it with new wood, then sanding to replicate the original profile of the sash. Along with that, an epoxy filler was used to fill in small cracks and preserve the original wood as much as possible. 

As long as windows are properly maintained, there should be little need for such involved restoration work. Keeping them painted contributes greatly towards their preservation, especially with the challenging weather conditions of New York City.

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