Mon-Ray Acoustical Windows

The world is becoming more urbanized and advancements in technologies are growing at an ever-increasing pace. These changes have increased the level of sound in our daily lives, resulting in an Environmental Noise Problem. Unacceptable levels of noise are not only annoying and disruptive, excess levels can result in physical and psychological problems.

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The cost to move airports, railroads and highways (the principle sources) or to relocate the residential homes, schools, hotels and hospitals that lie in the path of the noise would be astronomical. Therefore, the most practical and affordable solution to the noise problem is to abate, or reduce, the level of sound by placing barriers in the path between the source and the receiver. While all windows and doors abate some sound, they are generally far less effective than a building’s walls and roof. Therefore, improving the acoustical performance of window and door openings is one of the most effective and affordable means in reducing annoying and harmful outside noise from entering residential and commercial buildings.

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the most common measurement used to determine the acoustical performance of windows, doors and other construction materials. The higher the STC, the better the acoustical performance. The design, materials, construction and installation of a window will determine its STC rating. Architects, engineers and consultants involved with acoustical projects often set a minimum STC requirement of 40 for the windows and doors they are specifying. This can represent a dramatic improvement, as much as 100% or more, when compared to typical vinyl, wood and metal residential windows.

Acoustical tests by independent testing laboratories have proven when a DeVAC 400 Series, Mon-Ray 500 Series or Mon-Ray 600 Series window is installed in “tandem” to the exterior or interior of an existing window, the acoustical performance of the total window opening will improve to a STC of 40 or more. The same improvement can be achieved by installing a Mon-Ray 800 Series storm door to the exterior of an outside entry door. The DeVAC 600 Series aluminum replacement windows can achieve STC ratings greater than 50. Because of their superior and proven acoustical performance, DeVAC windows and Mon-Ray storm windows and storm doors are specified and used in sound insulation projects near airports, railroads and highways throughout the United States.

With a selection of series,  their  storm windows are the most versatile secondary glazing windows available in the marketplace today.