6mm / 1/4" Red Spot Polished Sash Cord - 165ft


6mm / 1/4" Red Spot Polished Sash Cord - 165ft


Red Spot polished sash cord

  • Diameter: 1/4"
  • Length: 165' reel


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Our range of Sash Cords consist of:

6 & 8mm Nylon Pre-Stretched Sash Cord- this means it has been stretched out and tested before shipping to stop the cord from further stretching as you add weights to it, meaning no need for further adjustments

6 & 8mm Waxed Cotton Sash Cord- Waxed cotton is the most traditional sash cord, so if often chosen when refurbishing windows.

6 & 8mm Red Spot Polished Cotton Sash Cord- Our 'Red Spot' sash cord is another classic product for sash windows. Polished finish and round cross section make it excellent over pulleys and in resisting abrasion.

6mm Black Polyester Sash Cord- This high tenacity 8-plait  man-made fibre has very low stretch, full UV degradation resistance, is non-colouring and rot/mildew poof. The construction gives good abrasion resistance and runs well along pulleys.

Please note that our Grabba will only work with our 6/8mm Nylon Sash Cord.