We maintain the traditional sash window appearance with our balance lift Sash Windows – reproducing the original charm and character sash windows in their form but incorporating double glazed units and using spring balances rather than counterbalance weights.

To ensure that the double glazed sash windows remain true to their traditional style the springs are concealed neatly within the frame. This innovative Hidden Spring™ Sash Window is specifically useful in modern buildings without sufficient rebate to accommodate a full box sash.

Throughout our sash windows we use modern construction technology to the full, producing frames, glazing bars and meeting rails that are slim yet strong and durable – traditional mouldings are adapted slightly to the differenc es    in construction. Sash windows are no longer draughty or noisy – our attention to every detail has eradicated draughts and rattles through the use of insulating draught stripping, performance glass and double-glazed units. Our multi-layer timber prevents warping or twisting, resulting in a sash window that does not stick or jam in wet weather.

Our historic sash windows provide a wide range of original profiles and glazing methods to ensure an accurate match to original designs.

Our wooden sash windows are available as box sash windows with cords and weights, which is the traditional way for sash windows to operate. There is also a spring balance option which offers narrower jamb profiles if required.

Our window linings, usually a very weak point in sash windows as they are exposed to the conditions and cannot be made from engineered timber due to their narrow sections, are made from Accoya. Accoya is an advanced timber with exceptional durability which overcomes this problem completely.

As with our range of traditionally styled timber sash windows, we have a range of historic glazing options which meet our performance requirements and will achieve our guarantees.