Weight and Chain 

Right Path replicates weight and chain double hung windows, where the sash is counter-balanced with a chain and a pulley connected to steel weights. We use ball bearing sash pulleys with brass faceplates and solid brass pulley wheels with  finished chains. The sealed ball bearings ensure many years of smooth operation. Sash locks and lift handles are also included. 

Right Path's weight and chain double hung windows are made to order and can be crafted to match the existing windows in a building or from an historic period.  

We offer:

  • True and accurate historic reproduction to match existing windows with energy performance enhancements

  • Availability of a variety of woods including South American mahogany, Spanish cedar, sapele, white oak, eastern, pine and more

  • Bronze or zinc interlocking metal weatherstripping 

  • Q-Lon or silicone weather seals

  • Weight and pulley counterbalances with chains or ropes

  • Restoration glass, turn-of-the-century wavy glass, modern annealed glass, high performance insulated glass, and sound attenuating glass

  • True divided lights with narrow muntins and profiles to match existing windows for insulated and single glazing

  • Solid brass, bronze, or stainless steel hardware

  • Wood storm windows and screens

  • Concealed roll-up screens

  • Primers, paints, and clear finishes available