At Right Path Windows & Restorations, we take great pride in the fact that we can not only replicate any design, but that we can also bring the design of your dreams to life. Exact duplication of historic windows and doors is our specialty. We can match the profile of any existing piece of moulding, no matter its age or intricacy.  In addition, we can create any custom profile you might desire.

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Our windows are crafted from grade-A hardwoods, which includes oak, Red Grandis, and the high-performance, engineered Accoya wood product. Only premium-grade coatings are used to ensure a long service life with minimal maintenance. Glazing is created using insulated glass, and restoration glass can also be used in this fashion. A wide selection of hardware is available.

Our doors are constructed for a lifetime of service.  Also crafted from the only the finest hardwoods and premium-grade coatings, we can match any existing door or build you the one you've always wanted. No design is too challenging for our team of experienced craftsmen.