Right Path Windows & Restoration has the experience and resources to perform every aspect of historic restoration for windows and doors, duplicating the historical components of your property in New York City. 

Restoration is a process that requires time and attention to detail. Historic windows and doors do not need to sacrifice their unique appearance for the sake of efficiency.

We can create insulated, double pane windows using wavy restoration glass. The original hardware can also be refurbished to look like it did when the windows were new.


Dust Proofing

Protecting you and your property is our utmost concern. Layers of plastic, tape, and protective sheeting are just some of the tools we use to tightly seal work areas.

We take great care to protect you and you home while we are engaged in the restoration process. In addition, when we work on your window sashes, we will be protecting any open windows from the elements.  

Lead Paint  

Lead poisoning is a serious health problem, especially for kids ages 6 and younger, and the primary source of that lead is dust from deteriorating lead paint. If you live in a house with lead paint, the issue doesn't have to interfere with your window restoration project. All of our lead workers and supervisors are trained, lead safe certified and licensed by the EPA, HUD, and OSHA.


As the interior paint is removed, we follow the cleaning procedures as described in the EPA's Lead Waste Clean-up and Disposal web page.


lead paint certified contractor

We spend a lot of time getting the windows ready for a first class finish, rather than simply adding yet another layer of paint over top of the old one. This often means stripping the old layers of paint off before we apply that finished coat. Our painters may not appear to be the fastest, but that's because painting is a slow process.  However, if the quality of the job matters to you, you can rest assured that our team will always provide you with a top notch paint job and leave you with operable windows.



Operational Restoration

Our historic window services begin with basic rehabilitation to restore operability, replace broken glazing, and performing certain repairs. Full restoration services can extend beyond this.

Basic Restoration Includes:

Lead Paint Certified Contractors
  • Unsticking painted shut sashes

  • Removing sashes from frame

  • Scrape surfaces and sand to ensure operation.

  • Replacing broken pulleys.

  • Replacing broken chains or cords.

  • Replacing non-working hardware to ensure operation of window.

  • Re-glazing of broken or cracked glass.


Right Path Windows & Restoration has the experience and resources to perform every aspect of historic restoration from removal and board-up to restoration and rehabilitation, including reproduction, finishing, and re-installation. 

Our company’s proven process for historic window restoration has been very efficient and successful, as well as predictable.

All of our craftsmen have been cross-trained in each procedure and our shop environment is constantly being refined to support and improve our work. 

We maintain the highest levels of quality control, and we are always improving our efforts so we can pass along these efficiencies to our clients in the pricing.





One of the most popular services we provide is the draft-proofing and renovation of original sash and casement windows in order to bring them up to modern standards of draft-proofing and insulation.


All draft-proofing is  placed discreetly into the windows and does it not alter the appearance of the windows in any way.

This service is particularly suited to clients who live in Landmarked buildings or have unusual sizes or unusually-shaped windows.

Draft-proofing is a more cost-effective alternative to a full window replacement. 

Draft-Proofing Your Sash Windows

If your sash windows are in good working condition, draft-proofing is a practical, money-saving option. Modern weather seals, whether metal or foam, are an investment in your windows that reaps dividends year after year.



Stabilization and Component Replacement

Our historic window services include stabilizing lose joints or even replacement of parts. 

Sash Stabilization and Structural Repairs

Great care is taken to rebuild or reconstruct the sash joint using wood epoxy polyurethane glue and wooden dowels to re-stabilize the sash joints. The sashes are then squared, and clamped in place, where they'll stay overnight in preparation for the next day’s process.

Stain Glas repair

Deteriorated Components Replaced

Our craftsmen fabricate custom replacement sash components, replicating profiles, sizes, and shapes of the existing parts. 

Wood Epoxy Repairs and Wood Fillers

Using liquid epoxy and a variety of techniques, we can repair surface cracks, gouges, missing sections, and broken profiles. 

Once restored, a window can be more durable and weather resistant than when it was originally constructed.

Wood Sills

When the sills are in need of repair, our crews follow strict guidelines for the sill restoration.  Existing paint must be removed from the wood sill, taking it down to bare wood. We do this up each side of the frame jamb for at least 6". 

We'll apply wood epoxy. All checks and gouges in the sill are filled, sanded smooth, and primed in preparation for painting.  If required, we complete the same procedures on the frames and wood trim on the exterior of the window, as well.




Right Path Windows & Restoration can take your existing broken glass and replace it to match the way it was. Or if you wish to use our restover glass and double it to create an insulated glass unit (IGU), you gain additional thermal values to your windows and doors.   

 Restaurierung der Fassade mit TIKANA

Wavy Restoration Glass

Also known as Restover Glass, this glass is made from the same materials and with the same process used prior to the 20th century. If you need authentic replication of 18th or 19th century glass, this is the answer! The unique character of this glass will enhance any project.

Insulted Glazing Units (IGUs)

Re-glazing your drafty, energy-zapping windows helps you turn them into much better functioning and significantly more thermally efficient windows.

If your existing sash windows are single glazed, cold, and drafty, we can often fit double glazing into the existing frames to improve their energy efficiency. 

Our glazing service always includes our comprehensive draft sealing in order to prevent cold air, dust, and dirt from entering your home while allowing the heat to be retained indoors.




Custom Hardware


On any given restoration project, it is common to discover that window hardware is missing or damaged.

To remedy that situation, we have a relationship with several vintage hardware suppliers. They can provide hardware in old-style designs from a vast inventory of original locks, lifts, and pulleys.  

We can also source reproductions as well as have the window hardware re-plated for a like new look. In many cases, a thorugh cleaning is all that's required.





If you keep the paintwork on your windows in good order, your windows will stand the test of time. There are still plenty of  original Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian sash windows in good working order today.

Good painting is all about the work that is put into the preparation. 

We spend a lot of time getting the windows up to a first class finish, rather than simply adding yet another layer of paint over top of the old one.

It is not the fastest process, but  you can rest assured that our team will always provide you with a first class paint job and leave you with operable windows. 

Painting  and Stains

The Right Path Windows & Restoration painting team can match any finish desired.

Although we will use products from any of the major paint manufacturers, we strongly recommend using only the highest quality product in order to achieve the best quality finish. 

We can provide samples of the desired finish on actual wood sections for consideration.

In addition, we can conduct paint color analysis to achieve precise color matching. 

Painting Old Windows


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