Project: Charlton Hall

Charlton Hall

This Gold Coast mansion was constructed in 1916 and was designed to be a replica of an 18th Century British country house. The home features numerous French doors and windows, including ornate architectural accents.


Right Path Windows & Restoration completely restored the sashes and frames of over 70 windows, including replacing the single pane glass with insulated glazing units on the second and third floors. On the first floor, the window frames were restored along with the sashes and nearly a dozen French doors were re-fabricated. All of the brass hardware was mechanically refurbished to look and function as if it were brand new.

Product: Restoration of windows and re-fabrication of existing door and windows

Glass: Low-E insulated glazing unit


Wood: African mahogany

Finishes: Benjamin Moore exterior white

Client: Private residential client

Project Details:

For the interior portion of the restoration of Charlton Hall, the sashes were removed and all items were cataloged before being transported to our workshop.  All of the existing glass was deglazed. The spine of the muntin bar was cut off to allow for one large insulated glazing unit with spacer bars inside, which aligned with the muntin bars. We fabricated new muntin bars to match and installed them on the opposite side, in order to recreate the look of the original window.

All hardware was refurbished, which was removed and the existing paint was stripped from it. All metal components were polished to a sheen and then sealed with a clear coat of sealer.

For the exterior restoration, the front door along with an oyster-shaped architectural detail above it were also stripped, sanded and re-painted. Various other architectural details on exterior of house were also restored in a similar manner.

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