Project: The Cottage at Seaview

This building began its life as a dormitory on Staten Island, housing the workers at the county's "poor farm" from 1916 until the 1930s. At that point, The Cottage became the residence of the director of Seaview Hospital before being abandoned in 1973. The property was landmarked in 1985 before being added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. Complete renovations began in 2014.



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Photo: © Adrian Kinloch:

Photo: © Adrian Kinloch:

Project Details: Replication of doors and windows

Product: All existing doors were replicated, including 9 sets of exterior doors. More than 60 historic windows were replicated. Many of these were double hung with transoms above, outward swing casement windows and awning windows. The doors we fabricated were French double units and radius or arched doors. All had true divided lites

Glass: Low-E with Argon gas IGU 

Wood: Hardwood

Finishes: Benjamin Moore paint

Construction Managers: Levine Builders

Project Architects: WJE Engineers and Architects


The goal was to take the windows and doors, which were in an advanced state of decay, and copy them. Right Path Windows & Restoration was tasked with creating exact replicas of all of the original windows and doors, including a stepped window that is the focal point of the front of the building.   

Due to the unusual sizes of the components that were used in the making of the original windows and doors,  the bigger companies turned down this project. Prefect for us! After extensive detailing in our shop drawings and many reviews with WJE Architects, we were able to go into production. 

Keeping the original designs and dimensions made for a difficult process.  The aged openings were none too forgiving in accommodating our newly constructed units. Nevertheless, with persistence and a commitment to being true to the original units, we persevered. The results were nothing short of amazing. 

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