Project: 80 White St.

80 White St NYC

Right Path Windows & Restoration was tasked with the historic replication of this 6 story building, in a variety of ways. The ground level storefront was a complete new fabrication project. We restored the windows on the second and sixth floor, and remade the windows on the third, fourth, and fifth floors with replicas of the existing arch top weight and chain windows. This project also included an array of complex commercial hardware.

The existing storefront, dating back to the mid-1800’s, was replicated using Sapele mahogany. The entry doors were 10 feet tall, with 6 foot tall transoms above. Due to their size, the 1” glass added quite a bit of weight. However, we have had considerable experience with large doors, and used the appropriate hardware to ensure their ease of operation.

80 White - Historic.JPG

The second floor arch top windows were roughly 118” tall x 46” wide. The cost to replace these weight and chain windows made restoration the obvious choice. Also, having the option to replace the original glass with wavy restorer glass allowed the building to retain much of its original character, including on the sixth floor where the windows were also restored using the same type of glass.


The restoration process involves sanding to remove existing paint to determine the extent of the damage. Then the areas of decayed wood are replaced with new wood using a technique called Dutch patching. Any small cracks and holes are filled with a marine grade resin. All surfaces are sanded before one coat of oil based primer is applied and then at least two coats of finish paint to complete the task.

Specialized door hardware used included an electrified concealed vertical rod panic bar with power supply, Bommer hinges, a mortised lock set, concealed overhead closers, and extension flush bolts. New metal thresholds were also installed.

Hardware used for the weight and chain windows included solid brass chains, pulleys, sash locks, and lifts.

Per the NYC LPC specifications, the paint used was Benjamin Moore OC1.

Replacement weight and chain windows were custom fabricated in our shop to replicate the existing windows. The original molding profiles were also recreated. Every last historical detail was taken into consideration as we provided modern, functional doors and windows while preserving the original appearance of the building.


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